Children Easily Learn Better Eating Habits

children’s taste buds can turn around in two weeks–from craving junk food to craving real food. In just two months there can be dramatic improvement in health. metabolic balance® individualized nutrition plans offers better nutrition for children.

Welcome the Urad Bean

The vigna mungo bean, black lentil is one of metabolic balance® new additions #iyp2016

Shepherd’s Pumpkin Pie

Shepherd’s pie is a dish that won’t be found on a metabolic balance® plan. One who seeks this warm comfort food made of lamb or beef stew covered with crusty mashed potatoes won’t be able to enjoy it until a treat meal or in Phase 4. That didn’t stop one metabolic balancer from discovering how…

Garden Sorrell

Sorrel is nutritious and can be used as a leaf vegetable and is often listed under vegetables. It can be a great treat for metabolic balancers missing lemon because it is not on their plan.

Mastering the Scale

The Basics There is some basic kitchen equipment required to participate in a metabolic balance® plan. One thing is certain, when beginning metabolic balance® it is required that food portions are carefully weighed. That is part of the first rule of 8, “….Do not eat more than, less than or anything else that which is…

For the Love of Salt

To salt or not to salt? Salt is something that we are told is bad for us. Yet salt is essential for body function. What every metabolic balancer needs to know about salt.

Pumpkin Seeds Small Yet Pack a Punch

When some folks see “seed mix” as a breakfast on their plan, they think, “What is this? Bird food?” Some find it tough to get used to while other Metabolic balancers love the option. The most common species of pumpkin used as a source of pumpkin seeds are Cucurbita pepo, Cucurbita maxima, Cucurbita moschata, and…

My Anchovy Adventure

Myra’s Anchovy Adventure. A true tale in the life of a metabolic balancer. The cat made out!

2016 Herb of the Year: The Colorful Capsicum Family

Capsicum, Herb of the Year. Outstanding medicinal qualities. 1 Tbs. of red or green chili pepper can boost an individual’s metabolic rate. Has more Vitamin C than 6 oranges, pain relievers, anti-cancer potential

Kale For Breakfast

Sonya uses kale with almonds and sunflower seeds lightly fried in ghee to prepare her favorite breakfast

Are Soy Products Bad?

Soy, history and making, a talk about soy in metabolic balance® #MetabolicBal #iyp2016

Making Chèvre Easy

Lorraine, metabolic balancer in CA, shares her favorite recipe for making cheese. @MetabolicBal

OMG, Ghee is Good!

Until the start of the 3rd week of Phase 2 (the first two weeks are considered the “Strict Phase” of the metabolic balance® program) most metabolic balancers don’t know what fats/oils they are going to get on their plan. When the the time comes, most are surprised and pleased to see ghee is there. Ghee…

Perfect Porridge

Patricia waited with great expectation for her metabolic balance® plan. However, the excitement faded when she saw oatmeal as a breakfast choice. Patricia did not enjoy eating oatmeal. She had bad memories as a child having to endure thick globs of gooey steel cut oats that stuck in her throat. I have discovered that most…

Smart Meal Planning: Chicken

I make meal planning as easy and efficient as possible to yield the most number of meals. This is what I mean by “smart” meal planning. One example is chicken. My metabolic balanceⓇ plan includes chicken breast. It is on my plan as a breakfast and a dinner. I have learned that when a protein…

metabolic balance® Is So Easy

Myra here…I believe that clients benefit if they have the opportunity interact with each other. One of the tools I use to network with my clients is Facebook. I share a private page with Sonya McLeod, a coach in British Columbia. Barbara is Sonya’s client. Barbara is generous about offering suggestions and contributing her experiences….

Handling Cravings

When I first stated my metabolic balanceⓇ I had cravings. Sometimes it was feelings of hunger. Sometimes I wanted to eat more often than allowed. But sometimes it was the incredible urge to eat something that was not on my plan. Something that I missed, like chocolate, sweets, or salt. I learned from my coach…

I Can’t Believe I Am In The Same Body

Myra here.. I was looking for a way to bring optimal health to more people, I partnered with Amy Erez, Sugi Health mentor. We developed a program called Balanced LivingⓇ. I first met Andrea Stuart at an introductory event to the Balanced Living program. She embodied the picture of good health: a good weight, bright…

Oyster Farming

I found a mushroom growing kit. I decided to try my hand at fungi farming. It seems I needed two farms to have enough mushrooms ready for one meal. Oyster mushrooms have nothing to do with oysters, except that they are usually grey (but some can be golden, pink, and purple), soft and flat. They…

Holiday Food Traditions for February

Every holiday seems to be associated with certain foods. Think about Christmas, Passover, Easter and New Years. Food relationships with holidays are so ingrained that for many it is tough to separate the food from the day. I am always faced with navigating the gastronomic challenges that holidays represent. February is obvious, the 14th is…

Mushrooms: Understanding Friendly Fungi

Mushrooms as a main dish is surprising for most of my clients. I find mushrooms create a strong impression with people, they either love ’em or hate ’em. metabolic balanceⓇ considers mushrooms an important protein and they are included on most meal plans. Studies have found that mushrooms are important in maintaining good health: Mushrooms,…