Meals Gone Awry

Making meals appealing can be a way of being accountable for your progress on the program.

The Gift of a Balanced Metabolism

Myra here…Edi Pfeiffer has been a  metabolic balance coach for about 4 years. I wanted to tell her story because she is an example of someone who is true to her plan despite obstacles. The long-term benefits of her plan have made her obstacles surmountable. How did you first learn about metabolic balance®? In April…

The Zen of a Balanced Metabolism

How do we know that we have achieved metabolic balance? A client recently asked this question. I had never been asked that before. It took me by surprise. My first responses were, “When our symptoms have healed; when we reached our weight goals; when we get a handle on Phase 4.” Upon reflection, those weren’t…

Small Things Make A Big Difference

Judith, a metabolic balancer who lives in Benicia, CA, started her first individualized metabolic balance® plan in 2012. I asked Judith if she would share some tips. Prepare for success, Journal daily.

Metabolic Lunch & Learn at Ft. Mason

When I was in my late 20’s I worked for the Golden Gate National Recreation Area directing a crew at an archaeological excavation at  Fort Mason in San Francisco. We were working to find the remains of a Civil War period seacoast fortification called Black Point Battery. Yesterday I returned again to Ft. Mason to…

Ultimate Meal Planning Guide

Determined to succeed, Jane, metabolic balancer in Alamo, CA shares a way to meal plan and stay organized despite a busy life.

Children Easily Learn Better Eating Habits

children’s taste buds can turn around in two weeks–from craving junk food to craving real food. In just two months there can be dramatic improvement in health. metabolic balance® individualized nutrition plans offers better nutrition for children.

Prosciutto: Cured Ham

Prosciutto is made from the hind leg of a pig (ie, the ham). Italian in origin. The name “prosciutto” indicates a ham that has been cured. If you are lucky enough to have prosciutto on your meal plan…

Welcome the Urad Bean

The vigna mungo bean, black lentil is one of metabolic balance® new additions #iyp2016

Shepherd’s Pumpkin Pie

Shepherd’s pie is a dish that won’t be found on a metabolic balance® plan. One who seeks this warm comfort food made of lamb or beef stew covered with crusty mashed potatoes won’t be able to enjoy it until a treat meal or in Phase 4. That didn’t stop one metabolic balancer from discovering how…

Garden Sorrell

Sorrel is nutritious and can be used as a leaf vegetable and is often listed under vegetables. It can be a great treat for metabolic balancers missing lemon because it is not on their plan.

Mastering the Scale

The Basics There is some basic kitchen equipment required to participate in a metabolic balance® plan. One thing is certain, when beginning metabolic balance® it is required that food portions are carefully weighed. That is part of the first rule of 8, “….Do not eat more than, less than or anything else that which is…

For the Love of Salt

To salt or not to salt? Salt is something that we are told is bad for us. Yet salt is essential for body function. What every metabolic balancer needs to know about salt.

Pumpkin Seeds Small Yet Pack a Punch

When some folks see “seed mix” as a breakfast on their plan, they think, “What is this? Bird food?” Some find it tough to get used to while other Metabolic balancers love the option. The most common species of pumpkin used as a source of pumpkin seeds are Cucurbita pepo, Cucurbita maxima, Cucurbita moschata, and…

My Anchovy Adventure

Myra’s Anchovy Adventure. A true tale in the life of a metabolic balancer. The cat made out!

2016 Herb of the Year: The Colorful Capsicum Family

Capsicum, Herb of the Year. Outstanding medicinal qualities. 1 Tbs. of red or green chili pepper can boost an individual’s metabolic rate. Has more Vitamin C than 6 oranges, pain relievers, anti-cancer potential

Kale For Breakfast

Sonya uses kale with almonds and sunflower seeds lightly fried in ghee to prepare her favorite breakfast

How To Use Tofu in Cooking

WHAT IS TOFU? Tofu, a curd made from mashed soybeans, is  listed on many metabolic balance® plans. There is plenty of controversy about soy, especially in the light of genetically modified soy. However, as metabolic balance® is an individualized program based on a person’s unique chemistry, organic tofu is very beneficial to some and may…

Are Soy Products Bad?

Soy, history and making, a talk about soy in metabolic balance® #MetabolicBal #iyp2016

Making Chèvre Easy

Lorraine, metabolic balancer in CA, shares her favorite recipe for making cheese. @MetabolicBal