Meals Gone Awry

When we talk about recipes for metabolic balance® there are images of beautifully displayed meals with everything just so.20160617_143912

But is that reality? Are you all producing exquisitely executed culinary delights meal after meal?

I think not! Sometimes we just don’t have time to prepare a portable meal. Lunch on the run becomes what is easy to grab.


Or recipes just turn out wrong. This was intended to be a metabolic balance version of cauliflower toast.


Making meals appealing can be a way of being accountable for your progress on the program. Barbara, metabolic balancer in Vancouver, advises, “Make your meals pretty.” A metabolic balancer, who is also named Barbara and lives in rural Minnesota, took images of every meal that she made on the program.

Practice is needed to develop the skills of a master chef, which most of us are not. We are people with busy lives. Sometimes things go wrong. However, what most people learn in the program is that food tastes good. Foods that they didn’t think taste good, now taste good. Foods cooked simply taste good. That is good, right? If a dish was not fantastic that should not discourage you to try it again or improve on an idea.

So here is my challenge. Make a meal on your plan. No matter what phase of the metabolic balance program you are in. No matter how it turns out… Take a photo and post it on social media today. Be proud of your effort and your accomplishments. You are taking time for you.




I am Myra and I am a metabolic balance® coach & a homeopath. If you like this post visit my other blog. If you have helpful tips or a story you would like to share with other metabolic balancers, please contact me.

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