The Zen of a Balanced Metabolism

How do we know that we have achieved metabolic balance?

A client recently asked this question. I had never been asked that before. It took me by surprise. My first responses were, “When our symptoms have healed; when we reached our weight goals; when we get a handle on Phase 4.”

Upon reflection, those weren’t the best answers. I set for awhile and thought about all the metabolic balance meant to me. The best way I can describe it is when our my mind and body feel in harmony.When  I am no a pleasant and productive mood, my body is cooperating with my mind.

But Let’s Look a Little Closer

Zen: A total state of focus that incorporates a total togetherness of body and mind. Zen involves dropping the illusion and seeing things without distortion created by your own thoughts. ~ Urban Dictionary

Balance: The ability to move or to remain in a position without losing control or falling. A state where things occur in equal or proper amounts or have an equal or proper amount of importance. ~ Merriam-Webster

What happens while we are paying attention to our individualized metabolic balance® meal plan?

Our insulin is calm. There are no spikes or lows. This helps reduce inflammation on all levels. No sugar highs or the low sugar blues. There is no brain fog or restlessness. The mind can be attentive and the body can move and respond without aches and pains.

metabolic balanceⓇ USA
The Benefit of a Balanced Metabolism Stays With Us

What clients say:

  • I got off plan and fell into my old habits. But I felt different when I ate. I didn’t enjoy it as much. I ate less.
  • I feel strong in myself. I have no regard for the food and treats available in the office.
  • When I am on the program. My digestion is quiet. It does not distract how I feel.
  • When I am on my plan, I no longer think about food. That frees up my time to be with my family and friends.
  • It feels great when I go for a check up and my doctor says, my BMI is perfect!
What Is The Status Of Your Health?

Are you at risk? Check the 5 symptoms of metabolic syndrome. If you have 3 or more, you are at risk.

I Would Like To Encourage All Of You Who Have Been Thinking About Starting

I would like to encourage all of you who have been thinking about starting metabolic balance, to do so and find the zen of your metabolism. Find a coach.

I am Blessed

“I have had a wonderful experience with the Metabolic Balance Weight Management program! I noticed results within the first week of starting, such as, increased energy and my stomach was not bloating at night anymore. My body was responding in a very positive way to the foods in my meal plan, and I felt enthusiastic! Within two weeks of starting, my blood sugar was much more balanced and it was easy to follow the program without feeling fatigue or hunger in between my meals. In time, I began to sleep better too. I feel very blessed by the positive changes I have and am experiencing, and love being at my goal weight! I plan to stick with my plan from here on out! ” ~Kim Ar




I am Myra and I am a metabolic balance® coach & a homeopath. If you like this post visit my other blog. If you have helpful tips or a story you would like to share with other metabolic balancers, please contact me.

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