Small Things Make A Big Difference

Judith, a metabolic balancer who lives in Benicia, CA, started her first individualized metabolic balance® plan in 2012 with the second version of the meal plan. She was so enthusiastic about the program and her results that she was one of this first to update to version 3 when it became available (the current version available in the US).

Judith attended the Lunch and Learn at Ft. Mason in San Francisco to in preparation for rebalancing. I asked Judith if she would share some tips that she has found helpful.

Prepare For Success

I found it useful during the first two days of the cleanse to reflect and read through all the materials that come with the plan. It helps to set the intention for what I am doing and why. They are very affirming, so take the time to reflect on the good things you are doing for yourself.

Journal Daily

I keep a journal. I log my weight and progress. I write about what worked for me as well as what did not. I have found reading back through my journals are important to my journey. It is exciting to see all the progress I made and how good it made me feel about myself. Journaling is also a good way to keep a food diary.

Small Things Make A Big Difference

I keep discovering new ways to prepare my food. I have a nut, seed, fruit, and vegetable breakfast. I always loved the nuts and seeds with mango or apple. I never knew what to do about the vegetables. They always felt like an afterthought. I would often just munch on celery but it was not very satisfying.  I did not like the idea of eating the nuts, seeds and fruit and then having to force down some kind of vegetable.

One day I got the idea to turn it into a Waldorf salad of sorts.  I have been hooked on it ever since. Just cutting the celery into small pieces and eating it as part of a fruit and nut salad made it taste much better.

Another way I like this meal is to put a vegetable with the nuts and seeds.  For example, I like to saute the nuts with a vegetable and have the fruit on the side.

When I Am Prepared, I Am Successful

Staying on track at work is easy for me. My difficulty has always been the weekend when I am busy with errands.  My five-hour point seemed to arrive pretty fast and I found I would be away from home when I wanted to eat.  I can eat in restaurants but sometimes I find it easier to stay on track by making my own food.  I found a solution. If I know I am going to be gone for part of the day I pack a lunch Saturday morning and put it in a cooler. I keep it with me so I can eat it when I want too.   I have been known to eat in a parking garage or parking lot in-between appointments.  It works!

Benefit to My Health

My inflammation markers went down after I started on metabolic balance®. My naturopathic doctor was very impressed and so thrilled to see the results. So was I!

Judith was one of several metabolic balancers who gave a video testimonial about their results. View testimonials.

Thank you, Judith, for sharing these important insights with us.

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Myra Nissen, CCH, RSHom(NA)
I am Myra and I am a metabolic balance® coach & a homeopath. If you like this post visit my other blog. If you have helpful tips or a story you would like to share with other metabolic balancers, please contact me.

Feature photo by Judith

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