Barbara LaValleur Story Update #16

It’s been a couple of months since I’ve blogged about my MB® journey.

A lot has been going on in my life* and yes, I’m still on plan. I even did a month on Phase 3 at the recommendation of my nutrition coach since I’d reached my half-way goal (I’m down 45 lbs. since Jan. 2nd.) 

In a Google search I typed “What’s the best word for not moving?” to describe where I’m at right now in my nutrition plan. The Google results were: “fester, hibernate, languish, stall, stand still, constipate, decay, decline, idle, putrefy, rot, rust, stand, stifle, stultify, trammel, vegetate, go to seed, lie fallow.” 

Sounds pretty grim, doesn’t it?

Barbara LaValleur Wearing her Skinny Jeans


Being a positive, upbeat person, I’m choosing “stand” as the best descriptive word as my current status since on Day 198 -Aug. 1st which is over two months ago – I weighted exactly what I way the day I wrote this blog post.

For the previous nine months, I’d been loosing about a pound a week, which I believe is a healthy amount of weight to lose, not too fast, not too slow.

So I’ve basically remained the same weight for two months. What the heck?! That could be depressing but, I’m staying positive and upbeat. I’ve got Phase 2 down and I don’t have to look at my meal plans anymore. I know the measurements and my food choices.

But Phase 3 was totally new to me. I checked the MB® binder that my nutritionist gave me back in January. It explained the Relaxed Conversation Phase as the goal of “Stabilization of your metabolism, maintenance of your improved well-being or weight. Gradual liberation of the rules and guidelines, more freedom with your food choices.”

That sounded great! On phase 3, I was able to expand my food list to include pork and beef to my protein options as well as adding additional fruits and vegetables in a trial and error method to test other foods or quantities that had been outside the boundaries of my plan.

Some of the fruits I was able to add and experiment with were: apricots, blueberries, black berries, grapefruit, Kiwi, nectarine, peach and pineapple. The low glycemic carbohydrates that I could add in Phase 3 included oatmeal, brown rice, quinoa, whole wheat pasta, baked potato with skin, sweet corn, popcorn and wild rice.

It actually worked great. I didn’t weigh absolutely everything as I’d been doing for months. I was fairly accurate with my ‘guestimate’ measurements. I certainly enjoyed corn on the cob and watermelon especially since it is in season where so we had many roadside stand opportunities for great fruits and veggies.

And, thankfully, there was always my weekly Treat Meal to look forward to with wine. Yes, I’ll admit I sure do miss my wine. That said, I also acknowledge that my results speak for themselves and, I can’t believe I’m writing this: it is absolutely worth going without wine six nights a week!

Another goal in Phase 3 is not to gain, nor lose weight due to adding so many different foods. I did very well, only loosing one pound in the five weeks.

Now I’ve been back on Phase 2 for almost three weeks and I haven’t lost any weight, which I’m not sure I can explain.  I’m exercising by walking 30 to 60 min. at least four times a week if not more.

The great news is that a lot of people are noticing my hefty weight loss and are making positive comments.  I also experienced buying a completely new wardrobe since nothing fit. The last pair of jeans I bought were size 14 which I haven’t worn for over 20 years. And the new turquoise top I bought last week was a size 8.

Guess I won’t complain.

Results: I’ve gone from size 3X to 2X to 1X to XXL to XL to L to M in 261 days.

Tips: Never give up. 

*Note: During the last few weeks, my life has been very busy. Here are a few things I’ve done while on phase 3:

  • Opened a photo exhibition Sept.16th of my photographs titled 25 Black & White Photos of European Women in Traditional Male Professions & Trades at the Germanic-American Institute (GAI), 301 Summit Ave., St. Paul running through Dec. 5th (Celebration)
  • Enjoyed a 3-week visit from my daughter, Andrea La Valleur-Purvis, before she left  last week to live in Barcelona, Spain. (Visitors/Disruption of daily routine.)
  • Made 3 trips to La Farm with family (celebrations)
  • Had 2 family deaths (Stress)
  • Spent quality time with our grandson, Jackson, who lives in Washington DC, for two days. (Travel)
  • Attended several fundraiser events. (Treat meal challenges)
  • Volunteered for numerous hours at Edina’s Fall Into the Arts, at church, and Landmark Worldwide.
  • Attended a German Oktoberfest in St. Paul. (Treat meal challenge)
  • Installed a new art wrap on a utility box in Edina. (Art project)

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