Children Easily Learn Better Eating Habits

Many people don’t know that metabolic balance® is available for children as young as 8 years of age.

While my clients for metabolic balance is not focused on children I do have a adolescents who are using the program. What commonly happens is that the parents using metabolic balance plans and want to have better choices for their children. metabolic balancers who are parents feel that if a child has their own program, it will help instill better eating habits. Important lessons as one moves into adulthood.

Many parents don’t realize the importance of children needing to eat well. There is a thought that children should not be restricted. Children should have fun eating whatever treats they like. Others feel that children aren’t interested in eating more than pizza and mac’n’cheese, and cereal. Mealtime is just easier giving them what they will eat. The reality is that our choices matter. Obesity, diabetes Type II, learning disabilities, allergies and metabolic syndrome are increasing at an alarming rate in children and adolescence. There are many reasons for these trends and diet is certainly part of the problem. As early as 1955 Dr. Feingold recognized a link between certain foods and additives and their effect on some individuals’ behavior and ability to learn. Feingold was one of the pioneers dedicated to helping children get healthier by eating better along with Doctors Price and Pottenger.

The experience that many coaches agree on is that children come into balance get on board quickly and recognize that eating good food makes them feel better. Mandy Blume, author of Real Food Recovery, concurs that children’s taste buds can turn around in two weeks–from craving junk food to craving real food. And in two months there can be dramatic improvement in health.

“Watching my daughters develop their inner signals around food has been rewarding. One of the important lifelong lessons a parent can offer,” Sonya talks about how the experience has been for her and her family.

Aysha, Sonya and Sahara

Sonya McLeod, metabolic balance coach and homeopath in Vancouver, BC, felt it was an important lesson for her two daughters, Sahara and Aysha (ages 12 and 13). They watched their mom on her plan and became curious about what foods would be on their list. Sonya seized the opportunity to introduce her children to better food choices.

Sonya invested in their health by a obtaining metabolic balance juvenile individualized nutrition plan for each of them. She was surprised to see that the plans had not only different foods from her plan, but different from each others as well.

Like many adults, not all the foods on their plan were desirable but that doesn’t stop her from encouraging her children from eating foods they already like and trying foods that were unfamiliar. Her children quickly moved through the phases and are now in Phase 3 and Phase 4.

“Lunch at school can sometimes be a challenge. I can usually find something that will satisfy,” says Sonya.

If you are interested in helping your children eat better with an individualized nutrition plan from metabolic balance®, talk to your coach. Don’t have a coach?  Find a coach through the coaching directory.


Myra Nissen, CCH, RSHom(NA)
I am Myra and I am a metabolic balance® coach & a homeopath. If you like this post visit my other blog. I am offering a special pricing for multiple plans for children and one adult through the end of October 2017. If you are interested, please contact me.

Photos courtesy of Sonya McLeod

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