LiveCleanMB Quote of the Week

obesity quote for metabolic balancebeach sharebyunsplash.png

I decided to make this quote after reading that obesity creeps up on you like a coral reef and just keeps moving in slow motion adding layers of fat unless you put a stop to it.

A few days ago, my daughter asked if people recognised what they looked like from behind.  I knew from experience that seeing a photo of my backside is always a shock… “Is that really me and not my mother?”  I’m hispanic and we tend to carry our weight on our behinds so if I gain weight, I gain a bit more cushion below the waist.

It is a great idea to take a photo of your backside if you want to really push into your consciousness what your body looks like at the present moment. Stick that photo in your metabolic balance diary or daily planner to remind yourself that obesity is like a coral reef and you don’t want it to be a barrier as you join us on our journey through life as metabolic balancers.

Dr. Funfack explains in the book that our bodies are made to store for the future but, that our bodies don’t have any mechanism to release those stored supplies because our ancestors would experience severe conditions which used up those resources. The book also explains why my Hispanic body stores below the equator and my European friends store their extra supplies like an apple.

If you don’t own Dr. Funfack’s book “metabolic balance – Your personalized Nutrition Roadmap,” you can purchase a copy through the metabolic balance USA store. 

I will be reading the book over the next few weeks and making some more quotes for you to enjoy. If you have a favourite quote or idea from the book you want me to make into an image, let me know.


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