The Half Way Mark – Metabolic Balance® Blog #15

Reaching the half way mark on my Metabolic Balance journey is a milestone worth celebrating! 

I don’t know about you and your family, but with me and my family, all the gatherings and celebrations this summer – July 4th, mine and other birthdays, my home town’s 125th anniversary, food typically is a high priority and main focus.

One of the practices I’m learning to change is the emphasis on food that simply doesn’t support my long term weight loss goals.

Celebrating and eating healthy are not mutually exclusive!

It’s been seven months since I started this journey and I estimate it will take me at least another seven months to reach the weight loss goal I set for myself: 88 lbs.

Birthday Lunch – Goat cheese and Rye Chips with a glass of wine.

For my 71st birthday ‘do’, I wisely chose to have that be my treat meal for the week. If you’ve been following my Metabolic balance blog posts, you know I lived in Germany for over 18 years and two of the foods I miss most are good German brats and spätzle!  My husband, Arnie, my sisters and I toasted with Korbel California Champagne, Extra Dry.

For our meal, Arnie grilled a selection of brats, burgers and chicken. I had a brat and my yummy spätzle with butter. Since January, I can count on one hand the times I’ve had butter! Interestingly enough, I haven’t even missed it.

For veggies, we had fresh corn on the cob and I had one. My sister, June, brought mozzarella, cherry tomato & fresh basil leaf balls on tooth picks and  I had two.

The piece de la resistance was a Dairy Queen Chocolate Xtreme Mini Blizzard Ice Cream Cake. I had one piece. And yes, it was a BIG piece. 😜

Oh, and did I mention I had a couple of glasses of Kendal Jackson Chardonnay with my meal? Yes, we did celebrate and it was all great. The next day, it was right back on plan.

One thing I’ve learned on my Metabolic balance journey is that I am happy to eat – ON PLAN – whether we’re celebrating or simply going out to eat. Using the coaching of my Metabolic balance nutritionist and the plan that was designed for me, I have plenty of options and still love to eat!

This week, I start Phase 3 which I’ll practice for a month before returning to Phase 2. I’m looking forward to learning how to add new foods in all categories and yet maintain my weight loss so I will be learning how to balance my metabolism. For sure I will have to up my exercise regime.  Stay tuned.

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Results:  A big milestone this week: I reached my half way weight loss mark having lost 44 lbs.

Tips:  Celebration is a state of mind. Especially in this time of racial unrest and political divisiveness, I choose to celebrate – with or without food as the main ingredient – being healthy and alive each day.

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  1. Congratulations Barbara! I too have been on the plan for just over seven months. Am thrilled to have shed the 30 plus pounds, and I am eating close to the plan most of the time. It’s not that difficult once one is used to it. I also have a varied number of foods – some I wasn’t used to, but have grown to enjoy! Good luck! Patricia


  2. Myra Nissen, CCH, RSHom(NA) says:

    Congratulations! You worked very hard on being mindful and now you are experiencing the reward.


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