My Anchovy Adventure

I never thought of myself as being adventurous with food until I became a coach for metabolic balance® and realized I might be willing to explore more than the average metabolic balancer. It is important to be open to many culinary possibilities with the expectation that there may be successes and, well, not so successful trials. It is more about the adventure than the outcome.

My Anchovy Adventure

I belong to a  community-supported fishery, or CSF, as those “in the know” refer to it. The fish are locally caught in a sustainable manner by a consortium of small fishing companies. Guaranteed 75 hours boat-to-table; there is nothing more delicious than fresh fish.

Delivery Day

I was excited to hear that my CSF share this week was anchovies. Anchovies are on my meal plan. I have always enjoyed the salted tinned ones on a Ceasar salad. I never had the opportunity to prepare fresh anchovies.

The delivery day began with an email announcing that anchovies were the catch of the week. There were links with instructions for cleaning and recipe ideas. I was going to try the fried anchovies using rye flour rather than the corn flour listed in the recipe.

What Went Wrong

The work day began at 8 AM. I worked remotely with clients from home during the first part of the day. At noon I picked up the fish, returned home to put it in the refrigerator. I headed to the office for an afternoon with clients.

My work day was supposed be over by 6. I got a call from a person wanting to start metabolic balance. Our schedules didn’t jive for the week so I invited her to come at 6.

The printer ran out of ink. I had no refill. So I could not print out forms, invoice, or make copies. Did I mention Venus is in retrograde?

I was just about to leave the office when I got another call. A client wanted to know when she could pick up her homeopathic remedy. Again timing made the best sense if she just came over now.

I left the office at 7:15 PM. I needed to pick-up ink on the way home. The baker called to say the metabolic balance sourdough rye was ready to pick up. Another detour before dinner.

Home at 8:30

I still had time to eat dinner by 9 (Rule #6). First feed the cats. Change clothes. Get the mail. I remember this was the night the garbage and recycling needed to go out!

Now to begin dinner

Gosh, what a big bag of tiny fish! I began. It seems that the filet pile is much smaller than the waste pile of heads, innards, and bones.

The phone rings. I answer. The cat gets in to the discard pile.

9:45 and I haven’t made a dent in the pile. I am starving and tired.

No way do I want to bread and fry these tiny things. I put the filets in a covered glass container and into the fridge along with the bag of whole fish.

I eat some cheese, prunes, lettuce and head for bed.

The cat throws up fish heads on the bed.

All is not Lost

Rested the next morning, I am inspired and sauté the filets with onions, tomato, bok choy, with salt and oregano. It is quite good.

Fish For Breakfast?!

Why not? If you are in Phase 3 and have poultry or ham for breakfast, you can have the same amount of fish. If you don’t have poultry or ham for breakfast or you are in Phase 2 ask your coach if fish for  breakfast is appropriate for you and the guidelines for having fish for breakfast.

Will I prepare anchovies again?

Well… let’s just say the next time I have the opportunity, I will either plan better or consider other fish options. Maybe for me the best anchovy is served in a restaurant.


I am Myra and I am a a metabolic balance coach & a homeopath. If you like this post visit my other blog.

Photos by Myra Nissen

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