Where’s the Soy Yogurt?

Yogurt out of soy milk? Is it yum? Oh Yeah!

There are several yogurt possibilities that may appear on a plan, the traditional cow’s milk yogurt and that made from goat, sheep, and soy. Not having soy yogurt on my plan, I was reluctant to try it. Somethings just don’t sound good. However, as a metabolic balance coach I am determined to experience the possibilities from the wide range of foods that could be on a plan. I have to say, I found one brand that was my all time fav! Soy yogurt is light, tangy, filling and satisfying, and all too soon, gone from the shelves.

When I started metabolic balance® there were several brands of soy yogurt approved by metabolic balance® USA. But as time went on, they faded one by one. Left without a choice, metabolic balancers with soy yogurt on their plan were asked to try sheep or goat yogurt to determine if it was a fit for them. If not, well <shrug>… Several metabolic balancers tried making it but found homemade soy yogurt runny and thin.

I recently chatted with  Linda Esposito, owner of Hodo Soy Beanery in Oakland, CA, about soy yogurt. Her company makes soy milk, tofu, and yuba – not yogurt. Linda told me that she makes soy yogurt for herself. She said hers is not thin or runny because the soy milk she uses is her own,  which is more concentrated giving the yogurt a creamy texture.

I asked her if she would be willing to share the recipe with metabolic balancers. Linda consented and posted her personal yogurt recipe on Hodo Soy’s blog to share with the world. So I share it with you here. I encourage you to try your hand at making soy yogurt, even if it is not on your plan. It can always be enjoyed as a treat meal or added to your plan in Phase 3.

Love tofu? Komala gives us tips on how to make tofu and soy milk, too.


Do you have a story or recipe to share? Contact me, I would like to hear.

Myra Nissen, CCH, RSHom(NA)
I am Myra and I am a metabolic balance® coach & a homeopath. If you like this post visit my other blog.

Feature Image: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Germany

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