Too Old To Lose Weight? Absolutely Not!

Meet Jani, an enthusiastic metabolic balancer. I am grateful that Jani is open to sharing her story with us.

My brother-in-law and his wife raved about MB program, they both lost quite a bit of weight and are looking great. Despite all I have seen and heard I still had doubts about signing up.

“Why,” you ask? Well…
  1. At 59 I just don’t know if I still can lose weight. ( God knows I’ve tried so many different diets, but never was able to keep the weight off.)
  2. I have to weigh and prepare every meal? That just sounds like a lot of work. I work full time; I just can’t imagine preparing my own food, and for the family as well.
I Debated…

I debated with myself for several days, then decided to give it a try because it sounded healthier than other diets.

My Goal

Lose 10 pounds, but 15 would be the ultimate goal.


After less than 3 weeks on the program, I lost the 10. By the end of 4 weeks I reached my ultimate goal – 15 pounds!!

The amount of food I ate was plenty. Although I must say my first impression after weighing my food — “that’s all I get to eat ?? ”

What I’ve learned
  1. Portion Control; I really don’t need to stuff myself to feel full.
  2. Eating healthy, using my individualized metabolic balance® plan, actually helped control my psoriasis, a lot less flare-ups.
  3. My energy level never changed, always good.
  4. I feel great wearing smaller size clothes.
  5. Oh, I knew I left out something:  My meals were easy to shop for and  even easier to prepare for someone who does not like to cook!!

I am so glad I signed up for MB program , thank you metabolic balance®, and thank you, Myra, for seeing me through.


(If you have a story you would like to share about your experience with metabolic balance, feel free to contact Myra. To learn more about Myra visit her other blog.)

Photo Credit: Jani


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