Growing Patch Brings Rural Science to Life


… In the  fictional village of Portwenn, home of Doc. Martin, the school’s garden, fondly referred to as the growing patch, provides students with hands-on lessons in rural science…

El Monte Elementary School* in Concord, CA is stepping up to ensure children learn about permaculture. At El Monte, children tend the vegetable patch, learn how to make sorghum syrup, and occasionally chickens run down the corridors.

The project provides a kinesthetic modality for learning science, mathematics, as well as nutrition. Much of the what is grown in the garden is used for the after school dinner program. The community is invited to take part with garden projects and harvesting. Local businesses donate money or other provide support.

A common concern for many metabolic balancers is about food quality and eating habits of future generations. It is good to know that projects like the El Monte Garden Project provide practical solutions.

*El Monte garden project is funded in part by The Comprehensive Approaches to Raising Educational Standards (CARES) Program, California’s Teacher Signature program, First 5 .


Myra Nissen, CCH, RSHom(NA)
I am Myra and I am a homeopath & a metabolic balance coach. If you like this post visit my other blog.


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