Rebalancing Act with metabolic balance®

Maureen is a metatbolic rebalancer who talks about her recent experience rebalancing.

I was drawn to metabolic balance® for my husband and myself because it is an individualized program utilizing whole foods. We started the program in 2012 at the beginning of they year. We found the program to be effective. In just 49 days I lost 20 pounds and my husband had lost 50.

We have found it easy to follow and flexible. During Phase 2, we worked with our coach to make modifications for an extended camping trip to the dessert where we would had little storage and only be able to keep a few things refrigerated. The program did not fail us! We continued to loose at the rate we anticipated.

I’ve always had problems with blood sugar, and this program is the best I’ve found for keeping my blood sugar levels steady. I learned from my listening to my inner signals that there were some foods, such as wheat, I would never be able to tolerate.

But, as often happens in life, there were stressful situations that drew me away from the program. Maintenance became challenging. I dropped the plan. When I noticed I was feeling uncomfortable and drifting up in clothing size, I restarted the program and went from Phase 1 to relaxed Phase 2 with oils. I was surprised how quickly the weight came off.

The fundamentals of the the program hold true. Maureen’s metabolic balance® coach is Myra Nissen, you can find out more about Myra here. Maureen says of her coach, “Myra, you are an amazing, talented and compassionate woman who is passionate about her subject and cares a great deal about people and her clients.”


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