How To Use Tofu in Cooking


Tofu, a curd made from mashed soybeans, is  listed on many metabolic balance® plans. There is plenty of controversy about soy, especially in the light of genetically modified soy. However, as metabolic balance® is an individualized program based on a person’s unique chemistry, organic tofu is very beneficial to some and may be included as a protein on meal plans. I have been eating tofu since college. For many it is an unfamiliar food. Tofu is endlessly adaptable and can be incorporated in many different dishes. I will share with you my experience with tofu. Types of tofu.


Steam or saute tofu with vegetables; grill it; or,  add it to soup. Plain tofu may be an acquired taste but it soaks up flavors well so it is great marinated – after the strict Phase 2 of metabolic balance®  a marinade with oil, vinegar, herbs, spices like cumin for example. Later as a treat meal, Phase 3, or Phase 4 it can be marinated with anything that sounds yummy. When I was in college it was popular to sort of scramble it in a pan and add turmeric. The tofu turns yellow and looks similar to scrambled eggs. But I think it was done because it was sort of new to the mainstream palate in the US.

Tofu is usually better cooked rather than cold and unseasoned, However, freshly made, tofu tastes  amazing.  Ever since I have had it made fresh, I am disappointed with what I find in the store.

Tofu can also be blend it with things and make sauces, like avocado and green onions and garlic perhaps. I used to make a sauce with tofu, cashews and miso or Tahini but that would not happen in MB until phase 4 or a treat meal perhaps.


Tofu usually comes in different textures firm, medium, or soft. Firm is best for grilling. Soft is good for scrambling. Store it in a container of water in the refrigerator, rinse and change the water daily. Smoked tofu doesn’t need to be stored in water. Tofu doesn’t last long. If it turns yellowish or slimy on the outside trim and discard that part off, rinse, and use the interior part – but by then it is on its last legs. It can be frozen, but be aware that the texture changes.

Tofu, hard, prepared with nigari


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reposted from Myra Nissen’s blog Saturday, November 9th, 2013

Feature image used with permission from Tofu Cute.

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  1. Myra Nissen, CCH, RSHom(NA) says:

    Since I posted this, a knowledgeable chef told me that to get the most out of cooking with tofu, it is best to take it from the water and wrap it in a clean dishtowel for 1.5 hours to absorb all the water. Getting the water out allows for all the wonderful herbs, spices, and oils to soak in to the tofu.


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