#12 La Valleur Metabolic Balance® – Choosing Wisely

For over 20 years I’ve participated in a transformational educational program with the international company called Landmark Worldwide.   


One of the important distinctions I’ve learned over the years in Landmark’s programs is the distinction of choice which has been helpful in seeing the difference between “deciding and choosing”.

To decide is to select on the basis of reasons and considerations. In other words, I decided to have chocolate bars because I LOVE chocolate.

To choose is a free selection and after consideration. In other words, I chose to have a chocolate bar because I chose to have a chocolate bar.

On Sunday, my husband and I attended a Legacy Luncheon for members of our Church who have committed to leaving a legacy.

While I could count on the meal being tasty and nutritious from past experiences, I didn’t want it to be my weekly “Treat Meal” because they wouldn’t be serving wine. 

If you’ve read my previous Metabolic Balance® Blogs, you may remember that the two things I have missed since staring on this plan 119 days ago are wine and popcorn.

I can have wine once a week during my Treat Meal but I have yet to have a single kernel of popcorn in four months.

So for this meal, choosing wisely was needed to stay on plan.

Here are the four wise choices I made which allowed for an almost “on plan” meal. I say “almost” because the entrée was chicken pilaf with a small amount of white rice, a small green salad and mixed fresh fruit with a selection of chocolate and lemon bars for dessert.

1. I chose not to have the sweet drink offered before the meal during the social time.

2. I brought a few almonds so I could start my meal with a couple of bites of protein.

3. I also brought one of my homemade rye muffins so that I would have bread and avoid the whole wheat and white bread rolls offered.

4. I chose not to have dessert. Tempting as those those little squares of chocolate bars were, I declined the offer.

These are certainly not big choices in the long run. However, it’s the hundreds of small choices we make every day that add up to a successful weight loss nutrition program, which I find MB® certainly is.

So far, I’m down 33 lbs [15 kg].

# # # # # # # # # # #

Results: This past week I lost 2 lbs. [< 1kg]. The week before – for the first time – I had plateaued. Typically, I’m loosing 1 to 1½ lbs. [.5 – < 1kg] a week

Tips:  Make healthy choices and you’ll live longer and celebrate them.

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    Is this tofu in the feature image?


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