Developing Our Inner Signals

Inner signals?!…What exactly does that mean?

There is a lot of talk in metabolic balance® about developing the inner signals. It means that one will be able to use their own internal guidance for selecting food choices.

Uhh? Who has time for “inner signals?” While in Phase 2 of the metabolic balance® program, the concept of inner signals is difficult to understand. Not to scare anyone off, Phase 2 is the “hard work” phase… the boot-camp for our metabolism. It’s structured. It’s scheduled. There is a lot to learn. All at a time when the metabolism is doing the most adjusting.

One is preoccupied…and with just what is the preoccupation? It is individual… Phase 1 purge, how a food scale works, convert grams to ounces and back again, drink enough water, find those funny-named fish, how to cook legumes, make sprouts, address detox symptoms, learning to like mushrooms or oatmeal, cravings, keep a diary, stick to the 8 rules…I could go on.

The first 2 – 4 weeks is a time to look no further than what is provided by the coach. Phase 2 is not as ominous or complicated as it may feel. Seek council from the coach. Coaches know how to examine health history, meal plan, and have been trained in the many appropriate ways a plan can be further modified to suit the needs of a metabolic balancer. Trust that the inner signals gradually develop as the metabolism adjusts. These inner signals are a magnificent gift, the pay-off from the hard work of Phase 2, the benefit of the program. This gift can begin to develop long before Phase 3 begins.

Is It Food Snobbery?

No other program that I know of offers the ability to hand the reins over to the sensitivity of the self and lets the self reign. The knowing of my own inner appetite or aversion to eating and to foods. Some call this discernment food snobbery.

The part that looks like snobbery:  I know what foods make me feel good. It is just not worth it to jeopardize feeling good to eat something for the sake of eating just because everyone else eating it or because my mind’s eye dictates that it wants me to eat this thing.

Examples of Inner Signals

What do I mean by feeling good? Well again it is individual. For me, I am a barometer to those hidden artificial ingredients… Immediately my hands go cold and the nail beds turn blue. Another? Well… I have to admit, I love a good cookie now and then, but if I can’t get a really good one, not just any cookie will do. I will wait weeks. A bad cookie makes me feel dull. Not worth it.

But don’t take my word for it, here are what other metabolic balancers have said about their inner signals:

  • One client said to me, “Salmon is not on my plan. I ate some salmon today. I was looking forward to eating it because I have always enjoyed it. I had it for dinner, guess what?! It didn’t taste as good as I remembered, and a few hours later, my nose was stopped!”
  • Another mentioned, “For a treat meal I just wanted pasta. I had pasta, and my acid stomach returned.”
  • “Strawberries… They are not on my plan. I had some today. It wasn’t that I didn’t like strawberries. They didn’t make me feel bad. I just didn’t enjoy them as I had in the past.”
  • “I had two proteins in a meal. I felt confused & foggy in my head for a while.”
  • “I didn’t feel this way in the beginning, but now I am happy with my plan. I feel good. I have no reason to add anything more right now.”
  • “When I eat tomatoes, my eczema flares.”
  • “I thought kale was good for everyone. It was not on my plan. When I added it back in, I felt terrible.”

Inner Signals Can Go the Other Way

  • “I look great in my summer clothes!”
  • “I had noodle soup, that was comfort food when I was young. I ate it and felt happy.”
  • “Bok choy is not on my plan, I tried it and it felt so good to eat. I shall have it again.”
  • “I have developed a liking for soy yogurt. It is not on my plan at all. I do enjoy it for lunch.”
  • “My continence is that of a camel, as it was in my youth.”
  •  “My dental hygienist gave me the thumbs up! Teeth have little stuff to scrape off and gums no longer bleed.”
  • “I have been in metabolic balance maintenance for 2 years, my doctor says my blood values are continuing to improve.”
  • “I find when I eat sweets, I want to eat less, just a few bites satisfy.”
  • “My monthly cycle has sorted itself right.”
  •  “My blood pressure and pulse rate has improved.”
  •  “For the first time the aesthetician said my skin is hydrated…”
  •  A Phase 4 metabolic balancer admits, “I am fine with a glass of wine for dinner. It has to be the good stuff, or I won’t touch it. I get an immediate headache.”
  • “I am gaining good health as I age.”
  • “I can’t believe I am in the same body!”

The Fundamentals of metabolic balance® Hold True!
♥ Every person is able to produce all the necessary hormones and enzymes essential for a well-balanced metabolism, when supplied with all the required building blocks (vitamins, minerals, trace elements) through appropriate nutrition.
♥ Every person with a well-balanced metabolism is able to choose the food items which contain exactly these building blocks with the help of their inner appetite or aversion signals.

Questions about your plan? Want to know how much yogurt to have at lunch? Contact your coach. Don’t have one? Find a coach. Looking for other Testimonials?

If you have a story about your metabolic balance journey and would like to share it here, please contact me. Myra Nissen, CCH, RSHom(NA)

I am Myra, metabolic balance® coach, and a homeopath. If you like my work, please visit my other blog.


Photo Credit: M. Lovelace from fb


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