Beautiful Pulses, A Celebration of Beans

The United Nations General Assembly has declared 2016 “The International Year of Pulses.”


I have never seen a metabolic balance® meal plan without legumes (or beans) listed as a protein group. I assume there are some. Legume refers to the plants whose fruit is enclosed in a pod. Pusles is the subgroup of the legume family; referring only to the dried seeds, such as lentils, chick peas, Lima beans, Navy bean, pinto, etc. These are what a metabolic balancer will find in their meal plan.

The agricultural production of beans, chickpeas & lentils dates back to 7000 – 8000 B.C. The word pulses originate directly from the Latin puls meaning “thick gruel, porridge, mush.”

They have twice the amount of protein found in whole grain cereals. When combined with food high in vitamin C, pulses’ high iron content makes them a potent food for replenishing iron stores, particularly for women at reproductive age, who are more at risk for iron deficiency anemia. Pulses are also good sources of vitamins, such as folate, which reduces the risk of birth defects in newborn babies. With a low glycemic index, low fat and high fiber content, pulses are suitable for people with diabetes.

Pluses are rich in fiber which can help prevent obesity, especially when combined with sports or other physical activity. Recent studies in the United States indicate that diets that are high in fiber reduce the chances of developing diabetes. Eating foods like pulses that are high in fiber can help bring down blood glucose and insulin levels, which is crucial for people who are diabetic or pre-diabetic.

By proclaiming 2016 They International Year of Pulses the The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations hopes to create a better utilization of pulse-based proteins, further global production of pulses, better utilize crop rotations, and address the challenges in the trade of pulses. So why not enjoy a meal of pulses today?

There are many different legumes and all are colorful and versatile for cooking. Here is a recipe for Metabolic Balance Award Winning Chili that won Best in Show & 1st Place Vegetarian @ Waterford Lakes From the Chili Cook Off at Taste of Orlando -11/12/2005.

Myra Nissen, CCH, RSHom(NA) I am Myra and I am a a metabolic balance coach and a homeopath. If you like this post you may want to visit my other blog.

Feature Photo Credit: Myra Nissen

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