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One of the practices I create when I take on a new project is to set an end result goal as well as minor goals – set in time – along the way. Goals help me focus on my end result.  I make sure they’re attainable, yet will stretch me.

I set numerous goals before I started my Metabolic Balance® journey in January.  My main goal was to loose 88 lbs. How did I reach that figure?  Looking back to my age when I was physically feeling my best was one consideration. Then going on line to check on obese, overweight and normal weight levels for a person of my age (70), height (5’6 ½” – 170 cm) and sex (F), I knew I definitely wanted to be in the “normal” category. Finally, I like the sounds of 88 lbs. [40 kg]

  • Then I sat down and listed many other random, meaningful, sometimes silly, goals including:
  • Be pain free of shooting arthritis in finger joints – that happened after only two days of using Turmeric!                                                    
  • Cancel large sizes clothes catalogs                                                                      
  • Be able to see more of my body parts
  • Have people start commenting on my weight loss        
  • Move bra hook a notch                                                                   
  • Tighten my belt buckle a notch                                                                             
  • Get rid of larger clothes sizes – gave 2 huge bags away Saturday!
  • Get out of the shower without my stomach or bum touching the sliding door
  • Lose 20 lbs. [9 kg]
  • Lose 30 lbs. [13.6 kg]
  • Walk/cycle/exercise without joint pains
  • Be rid of that bloated feeling
  • Have wedding & engagement rings fit comfortably 
  • Have mother’s high school graduation ring fit
  • Learn about nutrition and what foods work for me                                          

I’m thrilled to say that in the 107 days on the MB® plan, I’ve achieved all of those goals. That last one deserves a note, though.  While I’m convinced that learning about nutrition will be a life long experience, I’ve already learned a lot about nutrition as well as how what and when eating certain foods – or not – affects my body.

My nutrition coach, Christine, complimented me this week on this very point so I feel like I’ve “arrived” to at least the point where I can acknowledge that I’ve learned quite a lot about nutrition!

Some other specific goals I have yet to reach are:

  • Fit into my beautiful and very expensive wedding dress which I could wear for special occasions
  • Fit comfortably into small restaurant booths
  • Fit comfortably in those maddeningly ever smaller airplane seats
  • Be out of the obese category
  • Be out of the overweight category
  • No longer consider myself fat
  • Thighs no longer rub together when wearing skirts
  • Be rid of my belly roll

Other, ancillary outcomes which have added value, but are more nebulous goals, in random order:

  • Feel great
  • Look great
  • Be a role model
  • Avoid knee surgery
  • Avoid diabetes
  • Enjoy life
  • Enjoy dancing
  • Enjoy sex
  • Renew self confidence
  • Be proud of my weightloss successes
  • Live longer
  • Reach my end weightloss goal

I’d be less than honest if I also didn’t include that I’d love to at least match if not surpass my sister Sharon’s weight loss. She is the inspiration for my participation in this project and she’s already lost over 80 lbs in the past 16 months. We are, after all, a family of competitors.

# # # # # # # # # # #

Results: I’m well on my way to success. This week I reached the 31 lbs. mark, which is more than of my weightloss goal of 88 lbs.

Tips: Set goals that stretch you, yet are attainable with conviction.

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