Perfect Porridge

Patricia waited with great expectation for her metabolic balance® plan. However, the excitement faded when she saw oatmeal as a breakfast choice. Patricia did not enjoy eating oatmeal. She had bad memories as a child having to endure thick globs of gooey steel cut oats that stuck in her throat.

I have discovered that most food dislikes are rooted in a childhood experience. As her coach it was my job to motivate Patricia to find new appreciation of the foods on her plan. I reminded Patricia that the foods on her list are not random. There are specific reasons why a particular food shows up. Foods that can help her heal her metabolism. We explored the nutritional benefits of oatmeal. We discussed different types of oatmeal available and acceptable to use one her plan. Steel cut oats is not the only option, there are rolled oats, extra thick rolled oats (my personal favorite), Scottish oats and Irish oats. I suggested she find a store that sold the oats in bulk so she could try a small amount of each type. We thought about different ways of preparation.

Blended Papaya

Patricia’s adventurous nature took over. She created a recipe that she enjoys and wanted to share with other metabolic balancers out there.

She puts some water to boil and adds the amount of rolled oats specified on her plan in to the water.  Papaya, one of her favorite fruits, is on her plan. While the oats are cooking she blends a serving of papaya nice and smooth and put it on the bottom of the bowl.

Perfect Porridge
Cooked Rolled Oats Over Papaya

When the oats are ready she places them on top of the papaya.

The milk on her plan is goat. She favors it raw. She pours the milk over the oats and papaya, and then tops it off with ground cinnamon.

Patricia’s Perfect Porridge, what a delicious way to start the day!

If you are a metabolic balancer and have found a favorite way to make a meal and if you want to be featured on #LCMB blog site, please don’t hesitate to contact Myra.


Photo credit P. M.

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  1. Myra, I look forward to reading your blog. Thank you for insight


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