I Can’t Believe I Am In The Same Body

Myra here.. I was looking for a way to bring optimal health to more people, I partnered with Amy Erez, Sugi Health mentor. We developed a program called Balanced LivingⓇ. I first met Andrea Stuart at an introductory event to the Balanced Living program. She embodied the picture of good health: a good weight, bright eyes, glowing skin, and she was a yoga instructor. As we worked together, I learned what she felt she was missing and how the metabolic balanceⓇ piece filled that void. Like all my clients, her experience is unique. I wanted to share Andrea’s story with you, in her own words.

I came to metabolic balanceⓇ after a decade of trying what felt like everything else. I was determined to put my health back together; tired of hearing health professionals tell me I was healthy despite the fact I didn’t feel healthy.

What I had to reconcile is the perceived rigidity of metabolic balance. I loved cheese, grains, wine, and snacking. At the same time, my relationship with food had always been of an obligatory nature rather than of an emotional one. This fact enabled me to focus on what I needed to do. That I have an inquisitive personality and generally embrace change more than I fear it made the program all the more accessible. What did I have to lose? Nothing.

Was it an adjustment? Yes. There were some discomforts, especially in the beginning. But rather than scare me away it reminded me of the changes my mind and body endured when I began deepening my yoga practice. These sensations were the result of cleansing affects, sometimes manifesting as energy variations or resistance to change. There was a turbulent time in the beginning. I didn’t know if I was strong or resilient enough.

I am fortunate. I had the support of Myra as my coach, my husband for encouragement, and Amy Erez as my spiritual mentor. Once I made the commitment, I dove in with the goal to strengthen the overall balance of mind and body. The two are inextricable, after all.

My profession is closely tied to the food and beverage industry, at times requiring me to try new foods and taste wine. When the first work-related event involving food came up I thought I would set myself back. I meditated on it. I thought, “Life is not black or white so why is this any different?” I went to the event with my metabolic balance tools in-hand and followed the 8 Rules of the program as closely as I could.

My body responded favorably. The event enabled me to understand that stress comes from putting unreasonable expectations on ourselves. By giving myself permission to do my best with what I had I removed the stress factor, which would have had a more damaging effect on me than anything else. The experience is proof positive that being human is a good thing and that metabolic balance is quite complementary.

I can’t believe I am in the same body as when I started. I can feel things have changed for the better on a chemical level. For example, I have more time for the things I enjoy, indicating that my mind is functioning at a higher capacity. My belly doesn’t hurt, enabling me to enjoy daily activities again. And my joints are less achy.

Yoga involves following Patanjali’s Eight Limbs, which act as guidelines for leading a meaningful life. The first limb (Yama) focuses on behavior. There are five Yamas, the first of which is Ahimsa or “nonviolence.” Everything I do starts with abiding by Ahimsa. Ahimsa asks the yogi to be kind to the world and kind to the self. Therefore, it matters what, when, and how food goes into my body. I look at metabolic balance as honoring Ahimsa by providing my body with the nourishment it needs and avoiding that which will harm it.

I’ve always been very sensitive and I didn’t know that I could become more so without becoming overwhelmed and burdened by it. However, metabolic balance has helped balance the chemistry in my brain, increasing my awareness of the self and the world. Only now I no longer find those signals frightening or encumbering. That is a gift that will keep on giving as I am able to deepen my relationship with myself and others.

You can read more about Andrea Stuart’s experiences with metabolic balance on her blog.

(Myra is Andrea’s metabolic balance coach. If you want to read more about Myra, you can visit her other blog.)

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