Holiday Food Traditions for February

Parson Weems' Fable

Every holiday seems to be associated with certain foods. Think about Christmas, Passover, Easter and New Years. Food relationships with holidays are so ingrained that for many it is tough to separate the food from the day. I am always faced with navigating the gastronomic challenges that holidays represent.

February is obvious, the 14th is St. Valentine’s Day! Valentine’s is a day where chocolate rules in all its sumptuous forms. Today, the day after Valentine’s, I sat staring at my calendar and noticed that it is Presidents’ Day. I started wondering  about the food traditions for Presidents’ Day.

Presidents’ Day, is a federal holiday held on the third Monday of February. The day honors presidents of the United States of America, including George Washington, USA’s first president. What does that mean? Schools, banks and post offices are closed. I can think of no foods associated with Presidents’ Day.

One reason may be that compared with other holidays, Presidents’ Day is new. It was first declared a federal holiday in 1978. I was attending college at the time. What was before President’s Day? Two presidents’ birthdays, Abraham Lincoln, February 12th and the birthday of George Washington on February 22nd.

I do not recall foods being associated with Lincoln’s birthday. George Washington… I see in my mind’s eye an old grade school lunch menu for February with an outline drawing of cherries and George Washington on the corners. I know it is him by the Colonial wig on his head and the axe in his hand. Of course, George’s legacy was that as a boy he cut down a cherry tree and didn’t lie about it. Cherries and cherry pie are the foods associated with his birthday. My mother’s birthday was at the end of February and we always celebrated with homemade cherry pie and cherry vanilla ice cream.

Guess what? While cherries are not on my metabolic balance meal plan, they are part of the larger family of foods included in the program. Therefore, if you have the cherries on your plan, or if you really like cherries, this February 22nd, why not have some cherries in honor or George Washington (and my mom)? One hundred grams is a serving.* After all, I have it on good advice that life is a bowl of cherries.

*Remember after the Strict Phase 2, deviation meals are allowed in moderation. A deviation meal is where you enjoy foods that are not on your list but maybe on somebody’s meal plan. If you are not sure, ask your coach.

I am Myra and I am a homeopath & a metabolic balance coach. If you like this post visit my other blog.


photo of cherry cake by Steven Depolo

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