Trying to Master the Rules of metabolic balance

Hello metabolic balancers! Here is my update on following the metabolic balance rules for lent.

Protein First

I spent last week trying to figure out how to start my morning with a protein and I decided the best way was to eat an almond or a nut.  To ensure that I grabbed a nut, I put the nuts in a ceramic container on my kitchen table so that I could easily reach them and stick one in my mouth before going and eating my morning fruit.

Before last week, my morning routine required that I make my coffee first, then sit down and eat my fruit and drink my coffee.  No bread or protein because I’m trying not to eat bread (a danger food for me) and I like to save my eggs for my lunch salad or my Sunday Brunch.

To get in a protein, I now grab a few nuts and chew, chew, chew before drinking my coffee and eating my fruit. Adding a few nuts has not made a drastic change to my energy levels but now I’m following another rule and that makes me feel like I accomplished something (even if it has been only a week.)

Drinking My water

I’m not being consistent at all with this and it all has to do with filling up the water bottle before I leave in the morning. I have to get this into my routine now that I figured out the nuts.

Five hours between meals

Today I accomplished this but  I did not accomplish this over the weekend because I had to drive between exhibition spaces and that threw me way off.  I have to start packing an emergency meal when I’m traveling so that I don’t eat something totally off base just because I’m not near my kitchen.

Eat Fruit Last

I’m doing ok with this but when I put it last, I’m not finishing it.  I think I would rather finish my fruit than eat it last but we will continue following this rule during lent.




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