Mushrooms: Understanding Friendly Fungi

Shiitake Mushrooms and Wild Rice with Vegetables

Mushrooms as a main dish is surprising for most of my clients. I find mushrooms create a strong impression with people, they either love ’em or hate ’em. metabolic balance considers mushrooms an important protein and they are included on most meal plans. Studies have found that mushrooms are important in maintaining good health:

When I consult with clients about mushrooms, I find that it is more of an unfamiliarity with these friendly fungi rather then an out right dislike. Understanding the selection, handling, and cooking of mushrooms can change one’s perspective. Here are some helpful tips.

  • Select  shiitake and portobello mushrooms that have a firm, smooth texture. Organic is best.
  • Remove the original packaging and store mushrooms loosely in a paper bag with a damp cloth around them.
  • When you are ready to cook, rinse mushrooms and gently wipe the dirt off. Cut off the dried or woody parts of the stems. Slice according to preference.
  • I like mushrooms that have been sauteed in oil until they are very soft and begin to crisp on the edges. (Use water or broth instead of oil for those in the metabolic balance Strict Phase 2.)
  • If you aren’t accustomed to the flavor or texture of mushrooms, saute them in water and puree to make a broth. Add a serving of vegetables. Top off with your favorite herbs for a delicious soup.

Myra, homeopath & metabolic balance coach. If you want to read more posts by Myra, you can read her blog post here or visit her other blog.


Photo credits: Myra Nissen

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