Emotional Eating

Hi, this is Emmy. yesterday I blogged about fullness and today I blogged about dealing with emotional eating on the metabolic balance blog.

I know that this is one of my personal food issues. I grew up having food given to me to celebrate and to deal with emotional situations. When my youngest daughter was born,  I worked really hard to make sure that food was not offered for celebration or for placating.  So far, my daughter sees food as something to eat when she is hungry not as a comforting device so I feel that my teenager is off to a good start!

Although I’ve succeeded with my daughter, I still struggle with this. When something wonderful happens I want to “treat myself” to an amazing dinner or splurge on some dessert.   The issue I have is that once I splurge, it takes awhile to get back into the metabolic balance groove and until I have this under control, I can’t say that treat meals are an easy thing for me to incorporate into my life.

On the blog, I list 5 things you and your metabolic balance coach can do to tackle emotional eating.  I say tackle because you can overcome this habit. It isn’t easy but it is doable. Don’t be hard on yourself. Just remember that I’m a metabolic balancer and this is one of my struggles. (along with a love of fresh bread.)

Have a great day!  I’m almost to my goal for this game. I love following the metabolic balance plan but I’m certainly not a betting girl. I look forward to the end of this game and focusing my energy on rebalancing without worrying about the scale.


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