When Are You Full?


Today I wrote a blog post about feeling full on the metabolic balance USA blog.  I have been struggling with this issue forever. When am I really full? When am I really hungry? When do I need to eat and how much?

When you follow the metabolic balance plan, you are eating three times a day.  Three meals with five hours between meals.  If you are following the plan, you will know what hunger feels like. It is ok to feel hungry as the hunger chart I created on the blog shows.  What you want to avoid is being dizzy hungry (level one) or so full you want to puke (level 10.)

Just because you are eating every five hours doesn’t mean that you will not overeat when you get the opportunity to eat.  You must train yourself to know when you are full without tipping over to stuffed.

If your whole life people have been telling you to clean your plate, you may not realise when your body is full.  The amount of food allocated to you on metabolic balance doesn’t mean that you must eat every single drop.  It is a suggestion based on your blood tests and evaluation.  It is the most you should be eating.

If while you are eating a meal and you feel full, you are allowed to stop eating.  If you feel hunger before it is time to eat, stop for a second and think about what is happening.  Did you just get some bad news?  Did Something stressful happen?  Are you actually thirsty?

I always encourage metabolic balancers to sit down with their coaches and discuss any struggles they are experiencing.

Learning to eat a new way isn’t always easy and we have many habits formed throughout our lifetime that our body will fall back on in times of stress or inattentiveness.

Today, think about whether you have ever felt hunger and how you treat food when you have the opportunity to eat it.

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