Slow Cooker Miracle Soup

Over the weekend I bought a crockpot.  I’ve been looking at slow cookers for a few months and finally decided to purchase a slow cooker instead of one of those 21 in 1 cooking appliances.

The slow cooker arrived and I made my first Metabolic Balance® meal by placing all the ingredients in the slow cooker before I left for the day.  When I arrived home 8 hours later, a meal was ready. How exciting it felt to have food ready to eat without having to worry about paying attention to cooking.

I tried again last night to make my lunch meal while I was sleeping.  I decided to make a carrot soup recipe.  The instructions for slow cooking state that vegetables work really well for slow cookers and slow cooking brings out more of the flavour.   I made carrot ginger soup and threw the ingredients in before I went to bed.

When I woke up this morning, I went and checked the slow cooker and there it was, a soup ready to put into my new soup container that I purchased on Saturday (Alfi brand).

Now, as I sit at my desk, I’m sipping on warm homemade soup and feeling pretty lucky.

Go Slowcooker! Good luck everyone!  I’ve almost reached the game goal which is pretty exciting. I seem to lose weight the same way I do everything else… in my own time.

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