Walking Every Morning

I live near the mountains but I don’t walk there. I walk through the city and for the last two weeks, I’ve walked through downtown to turn on an installation video. This is a walk of about 40 minutes that I do before I begin my day.

I used to have a gym membership but I cancelled it because I found that going to the gym did not fit into the rhythm of my day. I like to walk and walking is good excercise.

After my walk, I know that I’ve breathed in clean air and cleared my brain a bit before starting a day of working inside.

As soon as my foot heals (I have a broken toe) I will add walking to work to my routine.  It takes about an hour from my house to the front of my studio.  I will do this three times a week.  I like the idea of walking to work and I see quite a few men walking passed my house with little backpacks heading to work. Women are not so obvious because they already carry one or two bags….

This is very much a German thing.  Germans don’t believe in walking distance because for them, everything and everyplace is within walking distance when you are wearing the right shoes and have planned the correct time for walking.  It is not a cliche that Germans are precise with time… always plan to be about ten minutes early otherwise you are running late.

This morning as I walked, I took photos of people riding their bikes to work.  They wrap themselves up and use their bikes 365 days a year in Europe.  I like this about the European lifestyle.

metabolic balance encourages you to move.  You will be very European if you begin adding these routines to your day.   You may even buy a cool bike helmet like the one I own or get a dutch commuter bike.

Good luck today Sue and Sylvia!  Both of you are so close and will cross the finish line with Alexandra very soon!!!!

This is my snazzy bike helmet
This is a bike with lots of places to carry your stuff.

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