Soupathon – Craving for Carrots

While following metabolic balance your supposed to eat different foods at each meal. There is a scientific reason for this that is too long to explain here.  To make sure your are getting optimal nutrients shake up your food choices.

Yesterday, I did not shake up my food choices.  It is the second day that I ate the same foods for lunch and dinner.  On Sunday, I ate homemade cauliflower & Zucchni soup for lunch and dinner and then yesterday I purchased carrot soup from the farmer’s market lots of soup and ate it for lunch and dinner.

I wasn’t necessarily craving one flavour for the whole day, I just made a big batch of vegetable soup so I had enough for two meals on Sunday and yesterday, I was busy at work and did not want to cook so freshly made soup from the farmer’s market was a nice treat on a rainy day and let forget about planning what to cook.

Here is a study that talks about how you fill up faster when you focus on one main flavour. You eat less and feel satieted when a sandwich has only one filling.  (Not a free study but you can read the summary.)

If you want a recipe for carrot soup, here are a few metabolic balance recipes:

Curry Carrot Soup

Apricot and Carrot Soup

Carrot Zucchini Soup

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