Day 2 Rebalance – I walked a Mile in Nobody’s Shoes

I weighed myself this morning and lost weight.  This is exciting. I like losing extra pounds even when I’m not rebalancing at 100 percent perfection.  Why can’t I be perfect? Well, I’m not a perfectionist and I love drinking coffee so I am still drinking a coffee with milk.

This is not on plan. If I wanted to be perfect I would have black coffeee but that would require finding that special barrista who makes an awesome espresso each and every time but I can’t afford to be visiting him every morning on my salary.

Apparently, it doesn’t seem to bother my body or the scale that I’m sneaking some milk into my coffee. I would give up coffee during the rebalancing so that I can be perfectly on my metabolic balance plan but I’m Spanish and 80 percent is 100 percent to me so, Viva la cafe!

I’m also an artist and I’ve been working on a collaboration project with TMNK “nobody” who is an American street artist.  The project is in a window at a subway stop which is two subway stops away from my studio.   This morning, I needed to go to the window to add the video component of the installation so I walked from my studio to the window.  I then walked back to my studio because the video machine didn’t work.  I then walked two subway stops in a different direction to purchase a new monitor.  I then walked back to the studio and then back to the window to install the new monitor.  Then I walked back to my studio and wished that I was wrapped up in my feather comforter with a cup of hot soup and a good movie without having to walk anywhere or move another inch because I was very, very tired.

Usually I like walking but I broke my toe a week ago on the ladder in my studio while painting the painting that is now hanging in the subway window.  All that walking today reminded me that I must always wear “house” shoes to avoid six weeks of painful walking in a city where everywhere is within walking distance no matter how far it is away from where you live or how broken your toe might be.

Walking and wearing house shoes are not the only two things I try to do to stay healthy.  I wrote a list of 8 things to do on the metabolic balance blog today. You can read the 8 things I think you should do to stay balanced and healthy. Of course I think there are a million things you can do everyday, I  just wrote about 8 of them.

If you are not familiar with my blogging for metabolic balance, I blog a recipe on Monday, on Tuesday I give tips and health news and on Wed I share some information about metabolic balance or research or whatever metabolic balance is doing around the world.   If you are not familiar with metabolic balance, you can read about it on the blog.  It’s a German company with a pretty cool way of living that helps keep your body balanced.  I use it to keep my emotional self balanced – I suffered a clinical depression but have been depression free for 10 years without using medications.  It also helps balance my weight which is what I’m doing during this rebalancing!

I’m now looking forward to making a cup of soup and curling up on my couch in a warm fuzzy blanket.

Have a great day!  I’m looking forward to day 3.

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